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Fraternity and Sorority Life

Recruitment FAQs

How does fraternity recruitment work at MTSU? 
The Interfratermity Council has an open structure recruitment process. This means organizations have the opportunity to recruit year-round and extend bids at any time. This system allows chapters and potential members the opportunity to develop stronger relationships before a bid is given or received. IFC hosts several recruitment events in the beginning of the fall and spring semesters so if you are interested in joining these are two times where it is easy to meet all groups.

If I attend fraternity recruitment events, do I have to join? 
No. Recruitment is a time to see what fraternities can offer you. Attending recruitment events does not commit you to join.

Don’t fraternities take up a lot of time? 
Fraternity membership requires anywhere from 2 to 4 hours a week. Whether it be a community service project, planning an event, or regular weekly meetings, members have learned to manage their time wisely with other commitments such as schoolwork, a job, and significant others. This is why so many members have succeeded in their lives.

If I’m new to campus, should I wait until I know my way around classes and campus before I join? 
MTSU is a large campus with 20,000 students. The sooner you know more people, the more comfortable you will feel on campus. By joining your first year, you will find adjusting to life at MTSU a lot easier. Most members who don’t join their first year wished they had.

Are fraternities just like those on TV and in the movies? 
Every fraternity is different and unique. MTSU prides itself on hosting 10 IFC fraternities, each with their own characteristics and personalities. The images portrayed in the movies and on TV shows do not reflect those attitudes at MTSU.

Won’t joining a fraternity affect my GPA? 
Fraternities serve as a great resource for students academically through study hours and tutoring programs. Most chapters require a high grade point average for initial membership into the organization. Many of our chapters pride themselves on their outstanding academic achievements because they hold grade point averages higher than the minimum requirement.

Do I have to live in a fraternity house if I join? 
When it comes to fraternity housing, each chapter is different. Fraternities with houses off campus may have their own specific requirements for occupying the chapter house. We encourage you to ask each fraternity their requirements!

How long will I be a new member? 
Some groups have shorter new member periods than others. As a new member, you will participate in an educational program specific to your organization. During this process, you will learn the history of the organization, the organization’s structure, time management, policies specific to your national organization, local chapter and FSL at MTSU and much more.

How can I learn more about individual fraternities, in order to narrow down my selection? 
You are encouraged you to explore all of the fraternal organizations MTSU has to offer and meet as many chapters as possible before accepting a bid. We suggest you begin by signing up to receive recruitment information online. We also suggest doing research online, such as the fraternities profile on, social media, etc. Other resources include the FSL annual report, scholarship report, and fraternity websites. Most fraternities on campus have their own websites that can be accessed from the FSL website.

What are the financial obligations for IFC fraternity membership? 
It is important for students and parents to be as informed as possible regarding the costs associated with obtaining a college education. Understanding the financial obligations associated with fraternity membership is just as important. During recruitment activities, a potential member should ask fraternity members about the financial obligations and payment options as each fraternity sets its own fees and payment schedules.

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